Joined Workshop on “Maritime Supply Chains for Carbon Capture and Storage between Germany and Norway”


From 16.03.-18.03.22 the cooperation between the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW Kiel), the Norwegian University of Science and Technology Trondheim (NTNU Trondheim) and the chair of "Supply Chain Management" of Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel (CAU Kiel) held a joint workshop in Kiel after several months of online meetings. The topic of the cooperation, which started in September 2021, is the development of a supply chain for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology in the context of Germany’s net-zero climate target. Carbon dioxide is to be captured by industrial emitters in Germany, transported to European coastal ports and then shipped to geological storages off the Norwegian coast.

The workshop took partly place in the IfW’s premises with a great view over the fjords. With presentations on the requirements of CCS and the public perceptions of the technology in Norway and Germany, Dr. Wilfried Rickels and Dr. Christine Merk from the IfW’s Global Commons and Climate Policy department successfully started the workshop and provided information on the current political status and public acceptance of the technology in Europe. Focusing on the maritime transportation between potential European coastal ports and storage ports on the Norwegian mainland, Prof. Dr. Kjetil Fagerholt and three master students of the chair of Industrial Economics and Technology Management (NTNU Trondheim) presented their first results for a ship-based transportation between Germany and Norway. Prof. Dr. Frank Meisel and Lisa Herlicka of the chair of Supply Chain Management (CAU Kiel) complemented the supply chain planning for CCS by presenting their research on a possible infrastructure between German CO₂ emitters and European coastal ports. Discussions and outlooks on further research of the cooperation completed an interesting workshop.


Within the long-standing cooperation between the chair of Industrial Economics and Technology Management (NTNU Trondheim) and the chair of Supply Chain Management (CAU Kiel) several papers were successfully published on various logistics research topics and students have been given the opportunity to obtain their Master’s degrees through these projects. We hope to continue this fruitful cooperation through this project and future research collaborations.

(Ein Post von der Professur für Supply Chain Management)