Need-for deceleration – Paper Accepted at the Psychology & Marketing Journal


The journal Psychology & Marketing has accepted the paper “Beyond society's desire for a slowed‐down temporal experience: Toward a nomological network of individuals' need‐for deceleration” by Anna-Lena Sager, Jule Timm, Stefan Hoffmann, and Ulrich R. Orth.

This manuscript expands on past deceleration and slow consumption research by introducing and validating a measure of need‐for‐deceleration, an individual's motivational ability to engage in activities aimed at slowing down the perceived fast passage of time. Following initial scale development, two studies establish construct validity by placing need‐for‐deceleration into a nomological network investigating the correlations with variables such as state anxiety and neuroticism, materialism, self‐efficacy, life satisfaction, work‐life balance, conscientiousness, need‐for‐uniqueness, future time orientation, susceptibility to normative influence, and regulatory focus (prevention and promotion focus). To explore criterion validity, a third study establishes associations between need‐for‐deceleration and consumer lifestyle variables. Developing and validating the scale can help researching and managing products relating to the consumption of time, wellness, mindfulness, and simplicity.

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(Ein Post von der Professur für Marketing)